IV Hydration, Vitamin Infusions, B12 & more


Wellness is a lifestyle. Investing in your health makes sense. IV hydration therapy promotes maintaining and improving wellness.


Most notably associated with the late Johns Hopkins physician Dr. John Myers and his eponymous Myers' cocktail, IV therapy has been used for decades to restore and maintain wellness. We've expanded upon this approach to address a wider array of wellness concerns:

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Reduce muscle fatigue

  • Relieve hangover symptoms

  • Enhance immune function against viruses

  • Improve energy and reduce fatigue



Athletic training, jet lag or long work days have you feeling run down?

We have a solution for you. 

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What are the benefits of wellness infusions?


IV infusions deliver quality vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into your system for 100% absorption. The nutrients can increase energy, protect the immune system, help regulate sleep and much more.


Taking oral supplements and oral hydration is the recommended approach in healthy individuals able to do so. The problem is less than 50% of oral supplements are absorbed and even less available for use by the body once digested.


Taking the amount of supplements by mouth to reach the same levels from an IV can cause very discomforting abdominal distress. IV therapy allows the body to receive 100% of the nutrients and fluids.


What are the benefits of hydration?


There are many benefits to IV hydration. The body is 60% water and we often times improperly hydrate with sugary beverages and lattes.  How many cups of water have you had today? It can be difficult to keep up.

Getting enough fluids allows your body to be well hydrated.


Here are some benefits to proper hydration:


  • Control calorie intake (and your weight)

  • Improve attentiveness, short-term memory and mood

  • Improve blood flow throughout your body

  • Keep your urinary tract healthy

  • Keep your digestive tract functioning smoothly

  • Reduce the duration and intensity of headaches

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