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-WMH 2018

"My infusion experiences have been profound beyond words. Healing, introspective, non-judgmental and liberating. I have a greater appreciation of my life, the life of others, and the connectedness that we all share. Life is more vibrant and I find myself curious again with new interest and zest. I feel as though I'm processing my emotions in healthier and more adaptive ways and more resilient against daily stresses and anxieties. I am so thankful for HydraFuse's kind, professional and engaging doctors.  I am thankful for them for providing a safe and comfortable place for me to work on healing myself so my wife and children can have a better version of me."



"This was my first visit to any infusion spa. The doctors at Hydrafuse were so knowledgeable and kind. They explained the benefits of each IV and provided options.  I am scared of needles.  They made me feel comfortable. I will definitely be back for another treatment."



"The infusions have noticeably increased my energy level.  I don't feel sluggish during the day and burnt out each evening.  It doesn't have me wired either, as I would feel if I were to drink a Red Bull.  Instead, I feel naturally more alert and engaged, and don't experience the crash effect; it's helped me to be more productive.  I sleep more soundly at night too which I'm certain, combined with the infusions, is contributing to my increased energy level.  Hence, the reason I view my infusions as a holistic, comprehensive opportunity for health and well being."


Anyone Struggling with Depression:

-HV 10:2018

"I recommend you consider getting treated for depression using Ketamine therapy at HydraFuse in Annapolis, Maryland (Doctors Watson and Fontenot). I’ve recently been treated with this therapy and it has drastically improved my mood and outlook on life. As a result of several major family traumas in my life one right after another, I’ve struggled with depression for approximately 5 years.  My depression has been so severe that I’ve been suicidal at times. Before being treated with Ketamine, I had been to many doctors (who prescribed many of the widely known anti-depressants) and counselors, but nothing worked, and I continued to struggle.


I’ve been a nurse for 27 years.  Time and time again I had been disappointed with the results of traditional methods and approaches for treating my depression. I was so hopeless that I started searching the internet for non-traditional means of treating depression. Almost miraculously, I found information on treatment options with the drug Ketamine. This treatment method was very different than what I was used to but seemed promising even though I didn’t believe it would work. Regardless, I than looked for a doctor’s office nearest me that gave Ketamine injections and HydraFuse in Annapolis was the one closest to me.  At the consent of my current psychiatrist, I made an appointment and began treatment with Ketamine injections there. After a short treatment period of 3 weeks, I experienced amazing improvements in my mood and outlook on life. Even after the 1st injection, I experienced noticeable improvements. This treatment method was a gift from God.


For anyone struggling with depression, I recommend contacting Hydrafuse in Annapolis to see if they can help you."



-CS 10:2018

"During the months of September and October 2018 I received 6 ketamine IV treatments at HydraFuse. I have only good things to say about my experience at HydraFuse. The office is state of the art, brand new and very clean. The Staff is very friendly. The 2 physicians (Dr.Watson and Dr. Fontenot) who personally administered the treatments were compassionate and highly skilled. My vital signs and heart rhythms were continually monitored during the procedure. I felt very safe under their care.

There a 2 separate private rooms set aside for the ketamine treatments. This detail for patient privacy definitely put me at ease. The procedure was painless and comfortable. Most important of all: No more depression! This has been a true miracle for me and I am so very grateful to Dr.Watson and Dr. Fontenot for making ketamine therapy for depression available in the Annapolis area."

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