Ketamine Infusion Therapy:

Depression and Pain


A medical breakthrough for relief without the wait.


Current treatments can take months to determine effectiveness. The off-label use of ketamine in the treatment of mood disorders can bring remission in a matter of hours.  Intravenous ketamine infusions have been an exciting and optimistic conversation in the medical arena for this innovative use.

The American Psychiatric Association is optimistic about the judicious

and proper use of IV ketamine for mood disorders.


Ketamine may be the solution you have been waiting for!


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What Doctors are Saying

The American Psychiatric Association recognizes ketamine infusions for their

rapid and robust effects for treatment-resistant depression.

“...compelling evidence that the antidepressant effects of ketamine infusion are both rapid and robust..."

- The American Psychiatric Association Council of Research Task Force on Novel Biomarkers and Treatments


IV ketamine Infusion Therapy for: